Parker Woods wildflowers

Welcome to Northside Greenspace Inc.

Northside Greenspace Inc. is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization founded to identify, preserve and restore natural areas in Northside and surrounding Cincinnati, Ohio communities.

Our workshops and lectures provide information concerning the issues and processes influencing our community natural areas. Our field trips provide community members with the opportunity to experience the beauty and interest of nature.

Our volunteer work projects provide hands on learning experiences for community members and result in tangible improvements to our greenspaces. Our advocacy alerts public and private agencies and individuals to what they can and should be doing to conserve and improve greenspaces. Check out this 2009 article, The War on Honeysuckle, from Cincinnati Magazine that discusses honeysuckle as an invasive species in Cincinnati woods and Buttercup Valley Preserve.

Annual Meeting and Program

Thursday, March 19, 2015: 7–8:30 p.m.

Cincinnati Parks’ LaBoiteaux Woods Nature Preserve
5400 Lanius Lane (just off Hillcrest Road east of Hamilton Ave.)
Cincinnati, OH 45224

Raptors Live!

Please join Northside Greenspace, Inc. for our annual meeting. First, we'll have a short business meeting, then we will welcome representatives from RAPTOR, Inc., who will teach us about birds of prey. There will be a variety of hands-on materials to enable us to see up close the adaptations that make raptors such efficient hunters. Our special guest will be Earl, the Turkey Vulture, a species often seen soaring above us in Northside, and one that you will never fail to appreciate after meeting one in person. Children are welcome to this program, which will last about an hour. Light refreshments.

What’s New

For the latest on the Boy Scouts’ work in Buttercup Valley Preserve and Parkers Woods, check out the Northsider's November article.


Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy Northside and its parks. Take a look at these photos!

Blue and White Violets April Jack in the Pulpit April Butter Cup Valley April Parkers Woods April Virginia Bluebells Parkers March Wild Geranium Buttercup May