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Forest Trees

Cincinnati non-profit working to restore the greenspaces of Northside.

Identify. Preserve. Protect.


Northside Greenspace Inc. is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization founded to identify, preserve, and restore natural areas in Northside and surrounding communities.

Northside is a neighborhood known for its diverse population, its wonderful old houses, its hip shops and restaurants, and its civic spirit. Many Northside organizations work together to maintain a vibrant, safe, inclusive community.

We share information about the civic issues and environmental processes that impact natural areas. We lead field trips that provide community members with the opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of nature. Our work projects provide hands-on learning experiences for community members and result in tangible improvements to our greenspaces. Our advocacy alerts public and private agencies and individuals to what they can do to conserve and improve our urban ecosystems.

The Board

Our Northside Greenspace board consists of 9 board members who meet on a monthly basis. The board works to organize volunteer events, educational hikes, and raise awareness about the greenspaces of Northside. If you are interested in joining the Northside Greenspace Board, please reach out and get involved!

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Brendan Bogosian
Claire Darley
Bill Berger
Vice President
Tim Bushnell
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